Man Sum Garment was founded in Hong Kong in 1986, today Man Sum Group has expanded and owned a big garments and textiles industrial estate in Xiaolan and Sanjiao Town in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, our business include textiles weaving, dyeing, printing, garments manufacturing and washing. Meanwhile, we are also producing both Women・s, Men・s and kid・s apparels under our own labels :EK (Emilio Kario);, :Cotton Shop;, :Wide Cotton;for selling to many major cities in China and Japan.

Our head industry base is located in Sanjiao Town Gaoping Industrial Estate in Zhongshan, total area exceeds 500 acre. Phase I and II had been finished and started for production in 2002 and 2005 with factory and show room area of 5 million sq ft plus 1.6 million sq ft dormitory for staffs and workers. Our group currently employs over 15,000 staffs and workers.

We applied the latest technology and newest machinery in order to provide the best quality and service to our customers. Our production capacity in weaving, dyeing and printing, about 30 million yards of woven fabric, 36 million lbs of knit fabrics and 18 million yards printed woven or knit fabrics per year. Production capacity in woven or knit tops, bottoms, pajamas, underwear and socks are about 10 million dozen of garments and 20 million pairs of socks per year, and production capacity in washing is about 16 million pieces per year. Our products mostly for renowned stores and brands are exported and sold to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and other parts of the world.

At Man Sum Group, we offer our employees a safe, friendly and well environmental workplace, dormitory and 100,000 sq ft Recreation Club House with Hotel, Shopping Arcade, Super Market, Restaurant, Cinema, Sauna, Foot Massage, Karaoke, Internet Bar, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Bowling Centre, Barbecue Court, 3-Holes Golf Court and Sport Area etc. It・s a great way for them to unwind after work.